Why ACW?


So We Understand How Important 250w.jpg
Compassionate, and Effective
Care is to Living
a Fulfilled Life.

We believe every person deserves to live a life full of health, happiness and wellness.

That's why we've created what we think is the most caring, modern and effective, pain-reducing, wellness-creating center in Seattle.

Take a few minutes and see if you don't agree.

So, if you're looking for a place that…

  • Treats all people as family
  • Always puts health first
  • Laughs, motivates and inspires
  • Offers numerous services from 
    skilled practitioners
  • Uses new equipment in a modern facility
  • Encourages you to make your health 
    a priority
  • Welcomes all regardless of age, sex, income, sexual orientation 
    or religious beliefs
  • Holds people accountable for their health, but does so 
    lovingly and gently

Then we might be just the fit for you!